Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is as important to us as it is to you.
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Building energy-efficient homes

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At Green Design Homes, we design and build energy-efficient homes by incorporating a variety of sustainable features, such as:

1. Passive solar design: This involves orienting your home to maximize solar gain,
using energy-efficient windows and utilizing thermal mass to absorb and store heat.

2. Efficient heating and cooling systems: This can include heat pumps and solar hot water systems, which use renewable energy sources to reduce energy consumption.

3. Insulation: Using high-quality insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings to prevent heat loss and gain which will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

4. Energy-efficient lighting and appliances: LED lighting and high-efficiency appliances can use significantly less energy than traditional models.

5. Renewable energy: We can incorporate renewable energy systems such as solar panels and batteries to generate and store energy on-site.
In addition to implementing these strategies, our in-house energy rater ensures that your new home is meeting all the energy efficiency standards and can make recommendations for further improvements.

This will result in a home that is more comfortable, healthy, energy-
efficient and saves you on energy bills.
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Benefits of an energy-efficient home

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Lower energy bills
With an energy-efficient home you’ll reduce wasted energy usage and save on your power bills.
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All-year-round comfort
Warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With greater energy efficiency, you’ll maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home all year round.
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Improved indoor air-quality
Energy efficiency helps to reduce indoor pollutants, which means less allergies. Live in a healthier home environment. Just add plants!
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Reduced carbon footprint
When you build a custom, green, energy-efficient home, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do your bit in a sustainable and practical way. 

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Homes our builders have made a reality

‘Their professionalism and personal service is first class – as is their attention to detail – in addition to their sound and helpful advice along the way.

The whole atmosphere at Green Design Homes is one of caring – and the desire to make the customer happy and kept in the loop.

We have a beautiful, well-built home that really works for us as a family. We would have no hesitation recommending Green Design Homes.’

– Michael & Rose –

‘…The team at Green Design Homes were a delight to deal with from the first meeting, [to] handover. From designing the floor plan, to choosing the interiors, everything was met with excellent customer service and quality trades to help me build my dream home. 

At handover, the house was in pristine condition and perfectly detailed. I am yet to find something I don’t like about the house! I’m extremely happy I built with Green Design Homes, and if I was to build again, I would absolutely choose them. I can’t express my gratitude enough for their hard work.’

– Amy –

‘Do yourself a favour and don’t look any further.
From the moment my wife and I first arrived at the Green Design Homes office, we were treated like family.

Building during the housing boom and covid would have been an incredibly stressful time but the clear communications always left us confident we knew what was going on. Not to mention in such an unpredictable climate, our house was still built well within our estimated settlement date stated in our contract.

Peter said to us on our first meeting that building a house should be fun and to enjoy the process. I can definitely say that was the case with Green Design Homes. Thank you all again, you brought our dream to life.’

– Alfie & Jess –


  • Is it more expensive to build an energy-efficient home?

    It’s a myth that building an energy-efficient home is more expensive, especially today with new innovative technologies and processes that make it cheaper and more effective to build sustainable and energy-efficient homes. We’ve perfected the way we build green homes over the years. It’s actually more affordable than you might think. Find out more about how we build.

  • Will I really notice the difference in an energy-efficient home?

    Yes, you definitely will! You’ll feel warmer in winter, cooler in summer and more comfortable all year round. Not just that though, you’ll also enjoy significantly lower household energy bills and better health, with less allergies and chance of respiratory illness thanks to better indoor air quality.

  • What kind of things are included in an energy-efficient home?

    You might be wondering what actually makes a home energy efficient. Well, it’s more than just energy-efficient appliances. Think, optimising natural sunlight via solar passive design, double-glazed windows, superior insulation, smart heating and cooling solutions, optimal thermal mass, low VOC paint, high-quality appliances and an electric vehicle charging station.